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A Condolence Gift Guide for Grieving Friends | Modern Memorials

A Condolence Gift Guide for Grieving Friends

I received a call the other day from a customer named Carolyn, whose oldest friend had just lost her husband. With the holidays around the corner—which often magnifies a loss—she decided that this year, her gift to her dear friend would be a beautiful piece of jewelry that holds ashes. She wanted to show her support and provide a meaningful gift to help her friend remember her husband.

After mentioning this to another Modern Memorials team member, it turns out Carolyn isn’t alone—we have seen an uptick of friends, co-workers and family members who wanted to gift a grieving friend something meaningful to recognize their loss.

Here are a few condolence gift ideas for a friend experiencing a loss: 

Cremation Jewelry: Our pendants are subtle and modern – and a way to keep a loved one always nearby. Many can also be engraved to offer extra personalization.

 Gold Heart Cremation Jewelry Pendant - Modern MemorialsWhite Gold Star Cremation Jewelry Pendant - Modern Memorials Gold Dog Bone Cremation Jewelry Pendant - Modern Memorials Silver Teardrop Cremation Jewelry Pendant - Modern Memorials Cremation Jewelry Charm Bracelet

These are some other suggested gifts for grieving friends and family:

Pet Portraits: Pop Your Pup turns a photo of your dog into a Pop Art painting. 

Adult Coloring Books: These books are like practicing meditation. They calm you down and can take your mind off of anything. 

Option B by Sheryl SandbergThis book is easy to read, actionable and helpful for anyone facing obstacles.

Memory Book: Shutterfly and Snapfish make it easy to create a memory book with photos and captions. It’s so meaningful to have all of those memories accessible and in one place.

Do you have any recommendations for gifting a grieving friend? I'd love to hear from you.

- Kate ( 

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