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New Ownership Sale. 10% off All Urns. Discount Automatically Applied at Checkout.
How to Select the Right Dog Urn for Ashes | Modern Memorials

How to Select the Right Dog Urn for Ashes

There are few events more traumatic than losing a close member of the family. For many dog owners, losing their long-time companion can be a source of tremendous grief, but deciding what to do with their pet's remains only adds to the trauma of the experience. This is why many are turning to professional memorial designers to guide them through the process of selecting the right urn for their beloved pet's remains.

How to Select the Right Size Dog Urns For Ashes

When considering a memorial for your dog, size is the first consideration. The size of the urn you will purchase will ultimately depend on the size of your dog. For instance, toy poodles may require a small memorial while Great Danes will require an extra large urn. A rule of thumb for selecting the right urn for your dog is to remember that 1 cubic inch equals 1 pound of weight. A 20 pound dog will require 20 cubic inches of space or more. An 80 pound dog will require an 80 cubic inch urn. However, urns are not the only options for memorializing a dog. Smaller keepsake urns and scattering tubes allow a portion of your pet's ashes to be spread in a beloved place while retaining a portion for a memorial in your home.

Selecting a Memorial is a Design Decision

Dog urns for ashes do not have to be kitschy, shaped like a dog, or overly-simple. In fact, it is essential to select an urn that you will want to display in your home. From natural to modern, square to round, the variety of urns on the market are as varied as the design tastes of dog owners.

The pet urns for ashes at Modern Memorials ( are chosen for their high quality design and craftsmanship. Cherry, walnut, and teak wood urns are covered with several coats of finish for maximum durability and a glossy sheen that gives depth to the wood grain. Antique, sculpted marble, Raku ceramic, and hand-blown glass provide modern, hand-made lines and finishes that are as unique as the materials they are made from. From modern to traditional, nature-inspired to Asian inspired, Modern Memorials has an urn for every decorative taste and budget.

Wood Glass Pet Urns for Ashes

Think About Sharing the Memorial

For many people, having a beloved family pet means wanting to share in the memorial process. Cremation allows multiple members of the family to share in memorializing their dog through separate, multiple keepsake urns. For those worried about transferring their dog’s ashes from one place to another, the process is simple and can be done by the dog owner.

Consider Non-Traditional Memorials

For those who do not wish to purchase a traditional urn, cremation jewelry offers dog owners a way to carry their pet with them wherever they go. Gold and silver pendants and charms in subtle, elegant designs are filled with your dog’s ashes and sealed as a way to carry your pet near your heart in a necklace or by your side in a bracelet. The heirloom quality cremation jewelry pieces at Modern Memorials are made from solid 925 sterling silver or 14 carat gold plate over sterling silver and come with step-by-step instructions for filling and sealing the pieces. Each is able to hold a very small amount of your dog’s ashes, but provide many grieving family members a way to feel their dog’s presence in a beautiful, fashionable way.

When In Doubt, Ask An Expert

For those still reeling from the loss of their beloved dog, selecting the right urn can seem overwhelming. However, the buying process should be one that allows you to honor your pet while adhering to your design sensibilities with the comforting touch of a memorial professional. At Modern Memorials, our experts can guide you through the urn selection process and ensure you are satisfied with your purchase. Much like an interior designer asks questions about your taste, you will be asked if you prefer traditional or modern designs, and whether you want to memorialize your dog in an urn, with keepsake urns, or using non-traditional memorials such as jewelry. From personalized engraving to customized urns, our handpicked selection will offer meaningful tributes for years to come. With free shipping and returns, and detailed instructions on what to do with the ashes once the urn arrives, you can be rest assured that your Modern Memorials purchase is one that you will cherish for years to come.

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