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The Modern Memorials Edit: Kate's Picks | Modern Memorials

The Modern Memorials Edit: Kate's Picks

We understand that shopping for an urn is not easy, especially during a stressful time. On top of all of the logistical questions—sizing, personalization, shipping time and planning a service—choosing the right urn is, to say the least, challenging and heavy.


I recently spoke to a customer who initially had a very clear idea of the urn she wanted for her son that would fit in her more traditional home. But after browsing our site, she surprised herself by choosing one of our more modern glass urns because it is “special” and “not run-of-the-mill.” She wanted character.


Modern Memorials is highly curated and it is difficult for me to choose favorites. But sometimes I gravitate to certain urns and I’d love to share them with you. Next month, we'll share more favorites from different perspectives. Here are my picks for April 2021:


"Orb" Medium Pink Glass Cremation Urn

Pink Orb Glass Cremation Urn


I was surprised by how much I love this urn because I am not a pink person. But there is something about this shade of pink that I think would perfectly match my neutral home with bold colors. It’s not precious. It’s just – stunning.


“Vivida” Mid-Sized Italian Lacquered Wooden Keepsake Urn for Ashes

 Vivida Keepsake Urn for Ashes



I love the colors in the “Vivida” urn – they’re cheerful but muted. And you can see the beautiful mahogany wood grains through the color. I also think that the orange stripe on the bottom is the chicest accent color.


 “Weaved” White Horn Inlay Cremation Urn


Our “Elements” collection is fairly new, but this is the design that introduced us to this amazingly talented artist. My mom bought a decorative box in the “Weaved” design years ago at a high-end home store in Chicago, and we later tracked him down to create the beautiful collection.


"Orb" Beige Glass Keepsake Urn

Modern Memorials Beige Org Keepsake Urn for Ashes


This one is personal, as this was the urn I chose for my beloved dog, Sally. Sally had a huge personality and was my total joy and sunshine. She is omnipresent in my heart and home! (Her photos are everywhere.) This urn truly makes me smile every day. Sally just had “it” and this urn perfectly encapsulates her spirit.


Silver Eternity Cremation Jewelry Pendant (Engravable)


I basically wear the same jewelry pieces every day (especially these days) and prefer low-key elegance to large, statement pieces. I love this pendant and especially what a perfect circle symbolizes - no end and no beginning. It feels warm and inviting and no one would ever think it held ashes. (It also looks equally great on men and women.)   



Is there an urn or pendant you'd like the backstory on? We'll include it in the in next Modern Memorials Edit! In the meantime, please reach out to me any time at I'd love to hear from you. 



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