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Cremation Jewelry Bracelets and Charms

Modern Memorials wants to help you celebrate and honor the loved ones you have lost. Our beautiful modern urns can be displayed in your home or placed in a columbarium, but we also offer a stylish selection of cremation bracelets and charms. Our cremation jewelry is made to hold a small portion of ashes so you can keep your loved one with you at all times.

Cremation Jewelry Bracelets

We have an excellent selection of charm and bangle cremation bracelets for you to choose from. Our charm bracelets are beautiful chains that can be used with cremation beads or pendants. With our bangle bracelets, you don't need to add a charm to carry your loved one's ashes with you. These bracelets are adjustable to accommodate different wrist sizes, and they have a small ball on one end to hold ashes. The other end features a flat surface that can be engraved with up to three characters. Our bangle bracelets are available in sterling silver and white gold.

We also have chain titanium cremation bracelets with a cylinder in the middle that can be filled with ashes. These bracelets come with narrow or wide bands to fit your tastes and needs. Titanium is highly durable, making those bracelets perfect for someone who leads a rougher lifestyle.


Charms for Cremation Ashes

For your charm bracelet, we have many cremation charms to choose from. Not only can you use some of our smaller cremation pendants with your bracelet, but we also have delicate sterling silver cremation beads. We have a simple sterling silver cremation bead that will blend in effortlessly with other charms on a bracelet and an elegant heart-shaped cremation bead . Our beads cannot be customized, but many of them come with beautiful engraved images. Some of our more popular options feature etchings with angels, roses, and paw prints.

Our bracelets and bracelet charms for ashes offer a fashionable, meaningful way for you to carry your loved one's or pet's ashes with you. Browse our full selection of refined pieces


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