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Keepsake Cremation Urns

What Are Keepsake Cremation Urns?

The passing of a loved one can upend any family. There are often many difficult decisions to make - and many people with opinions on how the affairs should be handled. Keepsake urns can help ease the tension of who gets to keep the cremated remains. These smaller containers allow family members or friends to each take a portion of the ashes home as a comforting tribute. Many people also choose keepsake memorials for scattering ceremonies that involve multiple people honoring the dearly departed.

Traditional and Unique Keepsake Urns

Browse our collection for unique keepsake urns that showcase your beloved's personality or style. Find ceramic, glass, marble, stone, metal, and wooden keepsake urns in a range of sizes in our collection. From traditional Japanese and Native American details to refined sculptural pieces to whimsical contemporary designs, the keepsake urns for ashes in our collection offer fine craftsmanship in a broad range of aesthetic options. Choose matching keepsake urns for every family member or allow each person to select a unique keepsake urn that speaks to their individual memories and experiences.

Keepsake Memorials That Comfort and Inspire

At Modern Memorials, our mission is to make this difficult time a tiny bit easier. Take comfort in our wide selection of high-quality keepsake cremation urns with thoughtful details like inlaid wood and hand-applied finishes. Find inspiration in unique options like cremation jewelry that keeps a bit of your beloved close every day. Contact our team for knowledgeable, compassionate guidance on keepsake urn size, free shipping vs. expedited methods, and more. Cherish your memories and celebrate your loved one's life with Modern Memorials.