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Handmade Cremation Urns

Anything made by hand feels elevated above the usual. Choose handmade urns for cremation ashes to honor your loved one's unique character. Browse our collection of handcrafted urns made by skilled artisans using materials that add beauty and strength to your memories.

Handmade Wooden Urns

Choose wooden urns for a natural, warm look. Find traditional urn shapes alongside wood box urns with geometric inlays for a more updated style. Also, find selections that feature a picture frame, custom wooden urns with metal components, and options for engraving a personal message.

Handmade Ceramic Cremation Urns

Artists use ceramic to bring a sense of movement to static objects. Browse our collection for handmade ceramic cremation urns with touches of traditional Japanese or Native American culture, like classic raku crackling and carved feather details. Make a more modern statement with sculptural ceramic urns that evoke stacked stones or cresting waves. Whether as handmade pet urns or memorials for human loved ones, ceramic is a lovely choice.

Handmade Stone and Marble Urns

Find traditional cremation urn designs in our collection that are handcrafted from naturally beautiful marble and stone. Colorful veining and a smooth texture lend timeless appeal to these handmade urns that complement any décor. Whether you choose a mosaic pattern or the sleek simplicity of pure white, these handmade pet urns and keepsake urns add luster to your loved one's tribute.

Handmade Glass Urns for Ashes

Make a thoroughly modern statement with handmade glass urns from our collection. Talented international artists craft fluid, organic figures in black or colorful glass that add a sculptural element to your home. Most options include a small indentation on the stylish lid to place a keepsake item, like a ring, for an extra special touch.

Handmade Horn and Mother of Pearl Urns

A mollusk nurtures a grain of sand into a beautiful pearl while developing a lustrous nacre called mother of pearl. Horns have been symbols of power and strength for millennia. Choose handmade wooden urns embellished with these sumptuous materials as a glowing homage to your beloved. Pair them with cremation jewelry that keeps your memories close to your heart.