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Glass Cremation Urns

We know how painful it is to lose someone you love, and feeling at peace may be a long way off. But it's hard not to smile when you see our beautiful glass cremation urns. The urns in this Modern Memorials collection are modern, warm, and approachable. In addition to the elegant styles and high-quality design, many of the lids feature a small space where you can place a small keepsake (like a ring) inside for a meaningful extra touch. We hope our glass urns can encourage peaceful and joyful memories of your loved one while providing a stunning piece of modern art for your home.

Large and Medium Glass for Ashes

Our glass cremation urns come in different sizes to accommodate your needs. If you are holding onto the entire remains of a loved one or pet, you will want to browse our selection of large and medium urns. The size you need will depend on the weight of your loved one or pet, and each urn has a capacity description to help guide you in your choice. For example, the Embrace Large Black Cremation Urn is ideal for a loved one with a weight of 265 pounds or less before cremation, and the Orb Medium Pink Glass Urn will work for a pet or loved one with a weight up to 110 pounds.

Small Glass Urns

Our keepsake glass urns are the best option if you had a smaller loved one or pet or if you plan to distribute the remains among other surviving family members and friends. Our keepsake urns come in the same beautiful, handcrafted designs as our large and medium urns. The Orb Beige Glass Keepsake Urn offers an understated, comforting aesthetic. It has a capacity of 50 cubic inches to accommodate a smaller amount of ashes or a loved one or pet who weighed up to 50 pounds.

Memorials to Remember Your Loved One By

Our handmade glass urn sizes are available in various colors, shapes, and sizes, but they were all designed to help evoke warm and loving memories of your loved one. The lids have a strong adhesive on the bottom, making it easy to seal permanently seal the top. Our black glass urns are the perfect choice for something subtle and sophisticated, and urns in colors like pink will add a bit of positive reflection to your home in celebration of your loved one's life. Many of these urns also feature indentations on the lids for holding small keepsakes like rings. No matter which design you choose, we hope it brings the peace you need to remember your loved one or pet.