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White Candle Cremation Urn

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Lighting a candle brightens a space and illuminates our cherished memories. Choose a cremation urn with a candle feature to find comfort in the liveliness of a flickering flame. This white and silver candle cremation urn has a threaded lid that unscrews and fits a standard-size tea light candle. The white cremation urn provides a special way to honor your loved one every day.

The color white is associated with mourning in many Asian cultures, as it signifies purity. White urns for ashes respect those traditions while expressing eternal love in a modern way.

  • Aluminum Finish 
  • Felt bottom base
  • Threaded top fits standard tea light candle

Urn Size: 210 cubic inches. This urn is suitable for a loved one with a weight of 210 pounds or less before cremation.

Dimensions: 6 inches deep by 8.25 inches tall (15.24 x 20.95 cm)

Color: White/Silver