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Marble And Stone Urns

Why Choose Marble Cremation Urns?

Marble and stone are natural materials that stand up to the elements in style. Many people associate marble with gravesite markers, but this durable substance has been used for statues, buildings, and more for centuries. Marble is cool and smooth to the touch, and they have intrinsic visual appeal with their natural variances of color and veining. Choose marble or stone urns for ashes to make a lasting statement of beauty that transcends time itself.

Classic and Unique Stone Urns

Browse our collection of stone and marble urns for ashes in a range of sizes, shapes, and color patterns. Marble from the Italian city of Carrara is renowned for its pure white color, and our Gracile white Carrara marble urn is a stunning example of its gorgeous refinement. Find handmade marble pet urns in our collection alongside mosaic marble cremation urns that offer a pleasing pattern of warm colors. The unique stone urns for ashes in our collection are all made by hand, so each will bring individual characteristics to your loved one's memorial.

The Beauty of Sympathy

When a loved one or cherished animal companion dies, the loss can seem overwhelming. Modern Memorials is committed to making this incredibly difficult time a tiny bit easier with compassionate service. Whether you need guidance on how to shop for a marble urn or expedited shipping for an unexpected tribute, we're here to help with friendly understanding. All qualifying orders ship free, and our return policy is simple. Take comfort in the value and beauty of Modern Memorials.


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