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Mother-of-Pearl & Natural Horn Urns - Modern Memorials

Why Choose a Mother of Pearl Urn for Ashes?

A mollusk nurtures a tiny grain of sand into a prized pearl. The inner lining of the mollusk's shell is called mother of pearl because it is the birthplace of that pearly gem. Mother of pearl cremation urns glow with the luster of that nacre in luminous white. Choose a mother of pearl keepsake urn to symbolize a maternal bond, to showcase your beloved's sophisticated style, or to add an elegant handmade element to your décor. Browse our collection for mother of pearl urns with subtly luminescent beauty designed by a renowned international artist.

The Power of Natural Horn Cremation Urns

Horns symbolize power in many cultures. Whether it's two rams butting heads over a mate or the magical image of a unicorn, horns indicate strength, virility, and regal dignity. Find the deep, lustrous beauty of natural horn inlays on cremation urns in our collection. Skilled artisans hand-placed pieces of natural horn over wooden boxes to create eye-catching geometric patterns with vibrant movement. Pay homage to your loved one's strong character or love of nature with the natural horn keepsake urns in our collection.

The Solace of Sympathetic Care

Take comfort in the compassionate customer service at Modern Memorials. Losing someone you love is never easy, so we're here to make this difficult time a tiny bit easier. Have questions about our urns for ashes? Our friendly staff can help you shop for a cremation urn that's the right size and the perfect design to pay tribute to your dearly departed. From keepsake urns for pets to cremation jewelry, Modern Memorials offers a tangible way to reflect the spirit of your beloved and cherish the memories of your time together.