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Serving Thousands of Families Since 2014.
Serving Thousands of Families Since 2014.

The Amalfi - Large Blue Wood Cremation Urn

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$ 595.00
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Our distinguished design team was inspired by the breathtaking views on the Amalfi coast and created this elegant cremation urn. Modern Memorials proudly presents The Amalfi, a large blue wood cremation urn, featuring delicate hand-placed inlays of gray, pale blue, cream, and black.

We hope this urn offers a sense of calm and the feeling of the warm sun on a coastal retreat. 

  • Handmade in Italy
  • Mahogany wood urn with blue, gray, black and cream inlay details 
  • It opens from two screws on the bottom
  • Velvet Interior
  • Exclusive to Modern Memorials

Dimensions: 9" L x 9" W x 5"H 

Capacity: 250 cubic inches. This urn is suitable for a loved one with a weight of 250 pounds or less before cremation. 

An engraved nameplate can be added to this urn. 

Care Note: This mahogany urn seals tightly at the bottom.  To assist with opening use a flat-head screwdriver or flat object to aid in opening at the bottom.